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Open call for Choose Wisely

Announcing an open call for reprint submissions for our upcoming anthology of fiction, Choose Wisely: 35 Women Up To No Good, edited by H.L. Nelson and Joanne Merriam, to be published in 2015 by Upper Rubber Boot Books. Authors must identify as female, and stories must feature female protagonists up to no good.

  • Word/page count: Up to 5,000 words/story.
  • Payment: Pro-rated share of 35% royalty for ebook sales and 10% royalty of print book sales; pro-rata share to be based upon page count in the print edition.
  • Publication history: Must be previously published. Non-exclusive reprint rights must be available (but it’s fine if the work is still available to readers online). Unpublished works may be submitted by invitation only.
  • Multiple submissions: Up to 3 stories.
  • Simultaneous submissions: Since we will be asking for non-exclusive rights, this is fine as long as the other market is also non-exclusive; please note that this means we will expect you not to withdraw a submission because it has been accepted elsewhere.
  • Deadline: 12 August 2014 Holy crap, you guys. We’ve received 16 submissions in less than day and they are all good. Accordingly, I’m closing submissions at midnight tonight (5 August 2014, Central Standard Time).
  • To submit: Send to joanne at upperrubberboot dot com:
    (a) your complete manuscript as a .RTF,
    (b) a bio of 100 words or fewer, and
    (c) a listing of previous publication credit(s) for the work.
    Put “CHOOSE WISELY” in the subject line.
    If the work is a translation, please also provide a statement from the rightsholder that you are authorized to translate it.

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