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Road Trips to the Moon

140 And Counting contributors:

Neil Ellman has two poems in Pyrokinection and another in featherlit.

Ken Liu has been interviewed by SF Signal.

C. Martinez‘s “Muse” has been recorded by Xe Sands.

Stella Pierides has a poem in Haiku News, and one of her haiku was one of the three Dottie Dot Awards of the June full moon viewing party of the Haiku Bandit Society. She’s also joined the The Haiku Foundation’s poet registry.

Finally, if you’re anywhere close to Santa Fe, check out Teresa Neptune and Miriam Sagan‘s collaboration “Road Trips to the Moon” at 6 pm on Friday, July 13 at the New Mexico History Museum Auditorium.

21 June 2012


140 And Counting contributors: Simon Kewin‘s flash piece “Pens” appeared Friday at Metazen, and Andrew O. Dugas has posted a video of his daily haiku postcards from May:

10 June 2012

New Sun Rising

The Locus Online Roundtable continues their very nice series of posts on speculative poetry, with articles from several 140 And Counting contributors including Marge Simon and David C. Kopaska-Merkel. URB editor Joanne Merriam‘s is here: “‘Literary’ Poetry“—they are all worth checking out.

Regular readers might recall Joanne Merriam was interviewed on flash craft by after her face transplant story appeared in Pank Magazine. The interview was posted in May, and they just reprinted the story yesterday: “Facial Deficits.”

140 And Counting contributor Peg Duthie has work in a cool new feminist SF poetry anthology, The Moment of Change, which also includes work by luminaries Ursula K. Le Guin, Theodora Goss, Vandana Singh, Nisi Shawl, Sonya Taaffe, and many others; Darusha Wehm has a story in the new Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine; haiku journal The Heron’s Nest contains work by Deborah P. Kolodji and Alan Summers; Berit Ellingsen‘s “The Rain On Titan,” an excerpt from The Empty City, is up in the blog for New Sun Rising, an upcoming charity anthology for Japan’s Tohoku area, which was razed by the March 2011 earthquake.

7 June 2012

we are still dancing

140 And Counting contributors:

Aurelio Rico Lopez III has released Food For The Crows, a zombie novella for the Kindle.

Peg Duthie had 5 poems in Galatea Resurrects, and reviewed four books: PARROT ON A MOTORCYCLE: ON POETIC CRAFT / Papoušek na Motocyklu: O Remsle Básnickém by Vítĕzslav Nezval; THE NEIGHBORHOODS OF MY PAST SORROW by Jesse Millner; YES, WE ARE STILL DANCING by Susan Amstater, Connie Dillman, and Jacquelyn Stroud Spier and ENJOY HOT OR ICED: POEMS IN CONVERSATION AND A CONVVERSATION by Denise Duhamel and Amy Lemmon.

Berit Ellingsen‘s mini-essay “Short Stories are Like Gems” is now up on the Atticus Review blog.

Chen-ou Liu‘s haiku appeared last week in Issa’s Untidy Hut.

Finally, the Nebula Award-winning Ken Liu was one of the contributors (with Zack Jernigan, David Anthony Durham, Aliette de Bodard and Adrian Tchaikovsky) to a roundtable interview on writing about race in speculative fiction at SF Signal.

3 June 2012


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