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Announcing Small Press Week, Nov 20-26, 2016!

NOTE ADDED 14 NOVEMBER 2019: The work of administering Small Press Week has been kindly taken over by Santa Fe Writers Project who have moved it to November 30th – December 6th, 2019.

Small presses, the authors they’ve published, and the readers who love them, will talk about exciting new releases, classic back-catalogue titles, and what makes small press publishing so fearless, intimate, creative, and heart-warming—using the hashtag #SPWeek16.


We’ll also have 7 one-day hashtags, each concentrating on a different facet of publishing:

Sunday November 20


Kick off #SPWeek16 with some secrets! Provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your process, press, or people.

Monday November 21


Today is for talking about the history of your press, past employees, the authors you discovered who’ve gone on to win Pulitzers, the stories that still haunt you, and anything else that has gone into making your press unique and its books fantastic.

Tuesday November 22


Every Tuesday is #newreleasetuesday, but this Tuesday is for featuring all of your 2016 releases, no matter when their release date. Zoom in to provide excerpts, close-up photos, and anecdotes about your new books.

Wednesday November 23


What’s on the horizon for your press and its authors? Share your goals and initiatives, your most creative projects, and where you want your press to be in 5, 10, or 100 years!

Thursday November 24


Today is American Thanksgiving, so today we’ll focus on what—and who—makes us grateful to be in publishing!

Friday November 25


Recommend some #FridayReads: what books are you loving that other presses have released? Wherever possible, be sure to tag the authors and publishers you’re praising!

Saturday November 26


Encourage holiday shoppers to support small presses! Talk about what makes small presses special, how you are embedded in your local community, how your titles could only be released by a nimble, innovative publisher, or how independent publishers help writers nurture and sustain the literary conversation. And be sure to talk up your most amazing titles! (You may also want to use #shopsmall for greater visibility, since today is Small Business Saturday.)

Remember to hashtag every post you can with #SPWeek16 so people can find the whole sprawling discussion in one place!

Small presses and their editors can also join us on Facebook.

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