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“a period or something ;)”

Still ecstatic about the support received through the Kickstarter campaign for HOW TO LIVE ON OTHER PLANETS. At the end of each campaign, you send a survey out to the people who donated to get whatever information you need in order to provide them with their rewards.

Got some heart-warming and some hilarious responses to the open-ended survey question, “Questions? Special instructions? Kickstarter forces backers to answer all questions, so if you’ve got nothing, just put a period or something in the space.” Here are some of the best:

“You guys rock.”

“N/A, Congratulations on a well run campaign! I can’t wait to see what else you may offer in future campaigns! Can’t wait to read the stories!”

“Give yourselves a pat on the back – you deserve it!”

“I’m sorry we didn’t meet the stretch goal. May this book be a bestseller when it comes out.”

“rock on”


“This space not left blank.”

“bloop bloop”


16 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Lots of news to share! First, our Kickstarter campaign for How to Live on Other Planets: A Handbook for Aspiring Aliens has 10 days left to go—get your pre-ordered copy now!

Secondly, the deadline for submissions to The Museum of All Things Awesome And That Go Boom is coming up on Sunday.

Finally, there’s tons of new reading out from, and news for, Upper Rubber Boot authors since our last round-up over the summer!

Corey Mesler, author of The Sky Needs More Work, was discussed recently in The Commercial Appeal Memphis‘s article “2014 in Review: Remembering the year’s best Memphis poetry“:

As both a producer and a retailer of poetry, Mesler is not only grateful to patron saint of poetry Keillor, but also is well positioned to affirm the accuracy of a quote he recalls by novelist John Fowles: “Poetry, alas, is something you can’t sell.”

But Mesler is dauntless: “If you want to talk magic, I’d like more people to leave their homes occasionally to visit the bookstore to hear a poet read. How nice it is to hear a poet read his or her own words! How nice to know that you can take those words home with you in little packets called books!”


Lyn Lifshin, author of Marilyn Monroe: Poems, has a new book out with Glass Lyre Press entitled Femme Eterna.

Soles author Mari Ness has a poem in Goblin Fruit.

Apocalypse Now: Poems and Prose from the End of Days contributors:

How to Live on Other Planets: A Handbook for Aspiring Aliens contributors:

Hope you all have a happy New Year!

1 January 2015


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