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Dolls that LIVE (*evil laughter here*)

Are you sure your doll is where you left it? Did it . . . move? Is it . . . looking at you?

Creepy dolls are a staple of horror fiction, triggering that part of our brain that hates the uncanny valley, as well as tapping into childhood fears of things that go thump in the night.

This classic of horror stories is featured, with a twist, in “Viva La Muñeca” by Perla Palacios, a story of the special powers of dollmakers and the strength of family.

About the Author

Perla Palacios is a Latinx writer of speculative short fiction.

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3 June 2018

Kickstarting Women Up To No Good!


Projects like the VIDA Count have demonstrated that women account for startlingly less than half of those published, and writers of marginalized sex and gender identities account for much less than their presence in the general population.

To help counteract that—and also because we thought it would be fun—we started the Women Up To No Good series, which focuses on “bad” women, and “good” women who just haven’t been caught yet.

There are other imbalances too, most notably race, and while we have no formal requirement for inclusion of writers of color, we strive for diversity in all of our anthologies.

Broad Knowledge: 35 Women Up To No Good and Sharp & Sugar Tooth: Women Up To No Good are anthologies of writing by women and authors of marginalized sex and gender identities, about female protagonists whose knowledge or appetites are critical to their stories.

We’re raising money to be able to pay our authors professional rates, and to properly promote the anthologies so they get the attention they deserve. Our hope is to get the Women Up To No Good series on a solid enough footing that sales of the books will support all future anthologies.


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1 April 2018


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