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eating alone

140 And Counting contributor news:

Lyrical Press has released L. K. Below‘s contemporary romance novel Beauty in His Bed.

Mike Meginnis and Berit Ellingsen have collaborated to write “Your Very Own Planet,” part of Meginnis’ text adventure EXITS ARE.

Alex Campbell has posted a detailed review of Neil Ellman‘s Convergence & Conversion: Ekphrastic Poems.

Some of Chen-ou Liu‘s senryu have been translated at Akita International Haiku Network. Also, his My Pond Calling Out to Basho’s Frog: Selected Frog Haiku is available at Scribd. It was written in response to Basho’s haiku:

The old pond;
A frog jumps in —
The sound of the water.

Ken Liu‘s “The Caretaker” is being read at Escape Pod.

Maya Malhar‘s story “Marred” was a runner-up in the 1000words inaugural #flashcomp (the five winning stories, but not the runners-up, are posted on the linked site).

An excerpt from Nora Nadjarian‘s micronovel “The Republic of Love” has been posted by Contemporary World Literature.

Kathy Uyen Nguyen and Lucas Stensland have short poems in the July issue of Four and Twenty.

Stella Pierides has been busy! She has haiku in Haiku News (“global warming…” and “did you miss“) and in multiverses (“eating alone“), senryu in Prune Juice (“rice paper“), and haibun in Contemporary Haibun Online (“Feeding the Doves” and “The Haircut“).

Miriam Sagan has two poems about water in the Duke City Fix feature The Sunday Poem.

29 July 2012

Higgs Boson History

140 And Counting contributor news:

Bone Orchard Poetry: An Explorative Blogzine of the Bleak/ Surreal/ the Dark/ Absurd and the Experimental… has published Neil Ellman‘s “Suddenly the Lights.”

Haiku News has Chen-ou Liu on the Higgs Boson—plus, Liu has a haibun in Every Day Poets.

Ken Liu has made his Hugo-nominated novella “The Man Who Ended History” available online (pdf)! His “The Silk Merchant” is in Apex Magazine this month.

And, in other news, Upper Rubber Boot is now on tumblr.

12 July 2012

Road Trips to the Moon

140 And Counting contributors:

Neil Ellman has two poems in Pyrokinection and another in featherlit.

Ken Liu has been interviewed by SF Signal.

C. Martinez‘s “Muse” has been recorded by Xe Sands.

Stella Pierides has a poem in Haiku News, and one of her haiku was one of the three Dottie Dot Awards of the June full moon viewing party of the Haiku Bandit Society. She’s also joined the The Haiku Foundation’s poet registry.

Finally, if you’re anywhere close to Santa Fe, check out Teresa Neptune and Miriam Sagan‘s collaboration “Road Trips to the Moon” at 6 pm on Friday, July 13 at the New Mexico History Museum Auditorium.

21 June 2012

Poison Ore Heart

140 And Counting contributor news:

Neal Whitman‘s poetry—including a number of haiku—was featured yesterday at The Sound Of Poetry Review: An International Poetry Site for Contemporary Poets.

Contemporary Literary Review India published three ekphrastic poems by Neil Ellman last Sunday.

Everyday Genius published Berit Ellingsen‘s story “Poison Ore Heart” last Monday.

12 May 2012

Written in fire

The Tennessee Women’s Theater Project‘s sixth annual Women’s Work features 140 And Counting contributor Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz‘s The Story of my Life (So Far?) at the Looby Theatre in Nashville on May 17th at 7:30 pm.

Other 140 And Counting contributor news:

Miriam Sagan‘s poetry has been given wings by artist Christy Hengst — their show Wendover Landing opens at 516 Gallery, 516 Central Ave SW, Albuquerque the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. See a preview at Miriam’s Well.

Neil Ellman‘s poetry appeared with an interview in The South Townsville micro poetry journal on May 1st.

Chen-ou Liu‘s haiku appeared on May 2nd in Issa’s Untidy Hut: the poetry blog for Lilliput Review.

And one we missed when it came out: Ken Liu‘s touching short story “Memories of My Mother,” from the March 19th Daily Science Fiction.

6 May 2012

Neal and Neil: 8 poems

Poetry from 140 And Counting alumni: Neal Whitman‘s “Take My Word for It” is in the latest issue of The Legendary Chicago Poetry Review and from Neil Ellman: “Winter Windows” and “The Bat” are in Bone Orchard Poetry; “Heavy Red,” “Balancement” and “Improvisation No. 27 (The Garden of Love)” are in Synchronized Chaos: an interdisciplinary art, literary, science, cultural, and travel writing webzine; and “Uncle Joe” and “Panorama” are in Dead Snakes.

9 April 2012

Invasion of the Night

Kristine Ong Muslim has reviewed Peg Duthie‘s Measured Extravagance:

What I admire most about this book is Peg Duthie’s masterful treatment of highly politicized topics (such as the political inclinations of well-known scientists) into a non-politically-correct lattice.

Also, news for 140 And Counting contributors: Neil Ellman has two poems in Spinozablue this week; and Francis W. Alexander currently has a haibun in the March 2012 Haibun Today and a story in Night to Dawn, Issue 21, which also has work by Marge Simon.

31 March 2012

It’s Read an Ebook Week!

For Read an Ebook Week, 140 And Counting author M. Darusha Wehm has 50% off everything at Smashwords, except Beautiful Red, which is free (use the coupon code REW50); and asbestos boots on beatnik feet has just published three poems by Neil Ellman.

And! Upper Rubber Boot now has a Smashwords account, so we can sell PDFs. 140 And Counting and Blueshifting are both available now in PDF, and Measured Extravagance is available for the first time in any edition. Measured Extravagance will be released shortly in epub and mobi.

11 March 2012

Amadis of Gaul and other news

140 And Counting authors:

Sue Burke has self-published her translation of the medieval Spanish novel Amadis of Gaul. It’s available in print and Kindle editions at Amazon. Burke says, “The book includes a preface by a present-day Spanish novelist, an introduction, notes to chapters, and an appendix explaining what eliminated Amadis from respectable bookshelves — it wasn’t Don Quixote.” More information here!

Read Neil Ellman‘s gorgeous poem “When the Heart Stops” at Poetry Bulawayo.

Members of the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia can read about the beginnings of Upper Rubber Boot, and some of editor Joanne Merriam‘s opinions about the challenges facing the book industry, in the March/April 2012 Eastword (non-members should be able to read it come May).

Stella Pierides has haiku alongside Susan Diridoni this week in Issa’s Untidy Hut.

And, if you live in or near Nashville, make a note on your calendar for Saturday, March 24th. Peg Duthie and Joanne Merriam will be reading with Mary Alexandra Agner at the main branch of the Nashville Public Library. Details at our events page or on Facebook and Goodreads.

10 March 2012

“Coyote, Spider, Bat”

140 And Counting authors:

Neil Ellman has a poem, “Welcome to Disaster,” in Word Riot.

Robert Laughlin has two poems in The Toucan Online, and two more in Indigo Rising Magazine.

Steven Saus has a story in Westward Weird (reviewed here by Amy Phelps).

22 February 2012

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