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On the Brink

140 And Counting contributor news:

C.E. Hyun‘s short story “Fire Season” has appeared in the new magic realist quarterly Swamp Biscuits and Tea

David C. Kopaska-Merkel has another new book out: On the Brink of Never, which we assume is apocalyptic literature, because it’s described such: “The Mayan beliefs included the notion that the world would end on December 21, 2012. For reasons best known to themselves, hordes of modern folk have converted to this ancient religion. Nice going guys! In a spirit of hopelessness and despair, engendered by the realization that a boatload of gullible fools are taking us with them into oblivion, we suggest that, just in case, read this book fast!”

Bad Moon Books is selling signed hardcover limited editions of Four Elements by Marge Simon and three other authors (Rain Graves, Charlee Jacob, and Linda Addison).


Our Facebook August Giveaway is still going on here. There’s a two-step process to enter: “like” Upper Rubber Boot Books’ Facebook page, and then “share” the August Giveaway post, which will be pinned to the top of our Facebook page until the end of the month. Five people will win their choice of mobi, epub or PDF of Blueshifting!

5 August 2012

Girl and Rain

We have an August Giveaway going on right now (and until the end of August) over at Facebook. There’s a two-step process to enter: “like” Upper Rubber Boot Books’ Facebook page, and then “share” the August Giveaway post, which will be pinned to the top of the page until the end of the month. Five people will win their choice of mobi, epub or PDF of Blueshifting!


140 And Counting contributor news:

David Kopaska-Merkel’s Dreams & Nightmares Magazine blog has a listing of The Magazine of Speculative Poetry‘s next issue’s contents, and it includes Robert Borski. Borski also has a new story at Lovecraft eZine.

David Kopaska-Merkel‘s book of poetry for children The Edible Zoo is available for sale from Sam’s Dot Bookstore.

Finally, Nora Nadjarian‘s The Girl and the Rain is just out from Turtleneck Press.

1 August 2012

Couplets – April 29

Here are today’s entries:

And one I missed from yesterday! Three Poetry Reviews for National Poetry Month: reviews of Heather Kamins’ Blueshifting, Peg Duthie’s Measured Extravagance and Gail White’s Sonnets in a Hostile World (at Christine Klocek-Lim’s November Sky Poetry).

29 April 2012

Couplets – April 24

Here are today’s entries:

…and two I missed from yesterday:

24 April 2012

Couplets – April 20

I missed these entries from yesterday’s Couplets roundup:

Here are today’s entries:

20 April 2012

the great flesh markets of Bangkok

The brand new Buzzymag, which bills itself as “Your Premier Source for Everything Sci-Fi & Fantasy,” features a compelling new biological suspense story by 140 And Counting alum Ken Liu called “Exotic Pets.”

The Mainichi Daily News announced their annual selections for 2011, and 140 And Counting contributors Helen Buckingham, Deborah P. Kolodji and Alan Summers all received Honourable Mentions!

Finally, Neon: A Literary Magazine has posted a mixed review of Heather KaminsBlueshifting:

There is much to ponder in this collection. The recurring scientific imagery is used to make observations about our relationships to each other, the natural world and the universe as a whole. These themes are poetic staples, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing new to say about them. In particular, the scientific theme helps dissolve the artificial divide between science and art.

30 March 2012

“Kamins has attempted something very difficult, which is to give substance to the ephemeral and the fleeting that make up much of what we tend to view as permanent.”

Read Robert Hewitt’s review of Heather Kamins’ Blueshifting.

12 March 2012

It’s Read an Ebook Week!

For Read an Ebook Week, 140 And Counting author M. Darusha Wehm has 50% off everything at Smashwords, except Beautiful Red, which is free (use the coupon code REW50); and asbestos boots on beatnik feet has just published three poems by Neil Ellman.

And! Upper Rubber Boot now has a Smashwords account, so we can sell PDFs. 140 And Counting and Blueshifting are both available now in PDF, and Measured Extravagance is available for the first time in any edition. Measured Extravagance will be released shortly in epub and mobi.

11 March 2012

With poem titles like Making Time, Devolution, Entropy, Relativity, Dark Matter, and with an epigraph from Carl Sagan, and references to Mastodons, petroglyphs and quantum states, one might expect to find a collection of science-nerd poems. But science itself has changed (and maybe rescued poetry in the process). We don’t live in a deterministic universe of Newtonian mechanics. Yes, “The world / wheels toward the inevitable”. But we live in a universe of unobservable observations and strange attractions. The path to the inevitable is not fixed.

nouspique reviews poetry chapbook Blueshifting by Heather Kamins!

2 February 2012


140 And Counting and Blueshifting are now available on Kobo!

24 January 2012

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