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29 June 2018

Liz Loves Books posted a guest post with me! Here’s an excerpt:

My journey into publishing started with a job listing in the local paper for an administrative assistant position at the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia, where I ended up working for five years in the ’90s. I was the office manager, and the volunteer coordinator, and the receptionist, and, well, I basically did everything the Executive Director didn’t do. One of my many tasks was answering questions from the public about how publishing worked, and in the examples I gave, I didn’t want to use the name of a real publishing company and cause any confusion or accidentally defame somebody, so I made up a publishing company which I called Upper Rubber Boot Books, after the Nova Scotian expression for a marginal and probably uncool place (Canadians often name places Upper and Lower Whatever, in reference to a more populous place, so if there were a town named Rubber Boot, then Upper Rubber Boot would be even more remote, you see). If I were American, perhaps I’d have called it Podunk Press. And so, when I decided to start my own company, I continued using the name as a sort of inside joke with myself.

I’m grateful to everybody who has posted about the anthology, which has included our authors, Octavia Cade’s wonderful Twitter explorations of the stories in her anthology (look for more of these today as we move into the last 24 hours of our campaign): “The Doll’s Eye” by Kathleen Alcalá, “And When We Die They Will Consume Us” by Betsy Aoki, “Dear Son” by Joyce Chng, “Gimme Sugar” by Katharine E. K. Duckett, “The Fool’s Feast” by Anahita Eftekhari, “She Makes the Deep Boil” by Amelia Gorman, “What the Bees Know About Discarded Girlish Organs” by Jasmyne J. Harris, “Strong Meat” by A. R. Henle, “A Year Without the Taste of Meat” by Erin Horáková, “The Honey Witch” by Kathryn McMahon, “I Eat” by H. Pueyo, “Bristling Skim” by D.A. Xiaolin Spires, “Alice Underground” by Rachael Sterling, “Red, From the Heartwood” by Penny Stirling, “A Fish Tale” by Sabrina Vourvoulias, and “Who Watches” by Rem Wigmore, and these websites:

Go donate now! The world needs these stories, and these authors need your support. We’re still living in a world where it’s apparently unremarkable that horror anthologies like this one by Stephen King, coming out this September, contain only men (and we hate to call them out, because this is a great publishing company and we love King’s writing, but come on guys), so we need anthologies like the Women Up To No Good series to provide some balance and help readers find the full breadth of excellent horror and dark speculative fiction out there.

Thanks so much for being here with us.

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“The bees died because they know,” she said finally. Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy


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