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Christine Moleski, “Solar Flare”


Sireesha Reddy, “Pan, Legs Resting”


Carlin Reynolds, “Radio Silence”


Bogi Takács, “Facing the Sun”


Leigh Wallace, “Through the Glass”




Jess Barber, “You and Me and the Deep Dark Sea”


Santiago Belluco, “The Death of Pax”


Lisa M. Bradley & José M. Jimenez, “Strandbeest Dreams”


Chloe N. Clark, “Fairy Tales & Other Species of Life” and “Please”


Brandon Crilly, “Pop and the CFT”


Yilun Fan, trans. S. Qiouyi Lu, “Speechless Love”


Jaymee Goh, “The Reset”


Maura Lydon, “The Herbalist”


Camille Meyers, “Solar Child”


Lev Mirov, “The Desert, Blooming”


Kristine Ong Muslim, “Boltzmann Brain”


joel nathanael, “light sail star bound”


Sara Norja, “Sunharvest Triptych”


Brandon O’Brien, “The Sailor-Boys”


Daniel José Older, “Dust”


Jack Pevyhouse, “Solar Powered Giraffes”


Bethany Powell, “recursive”


C. Samuel Rees, “Teratology”


Iona Sharma, “Eight Cities”


Nisi Shawl, “The Colors of Money”


Karyn L. Stecyk, “The Trees Between”


Bogi Takács, “Synthesis: This Shining Confluence”


Lavie Tidhar, “The Road to the Sea”


Aleksei Valentín, “The Seven Species”


T.X. Watson “The Boston Hearth Project”


A.C. Wise, “A Catalogue of Sunlight at the End of the World”


Nick Wood, “Thirstlands”


Tyler Young, “Last Chance”